How To Get Out Of Debt

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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How To Get Out Of Debt

48 thoughts on “How To Get Out Of Debt

  1. I think President Obama has changed a lot. He’s grown the government at a
    massive pace and destroyed individual liberty.
    I’m hoping we get a Ted Cruz administration to undo the damage and restore
    liberty and prosperity in our country, as well as American leadership in
    the world.
    You can see I am a conservative, but not because I was born into a
    conservative area or white family. I’m the son of an illegal immigrant
    living along the Rio Grande River. My mom taught me to think and read and
    learn both sides. There is no argument over the choice between liberty and
    tyranny but both sides claim to achieve it in different ways. I agree with
    the founders and the ones who influenced them.
    As far as religion, I hate religions, but I am a Christian. I believe that
    95% of churches get too much of the Bible wrong so I don’t even go to
    church. However, I do listen to podcasts on different subjects of the Bible
    and I read and pray. I think you have to find the right teachers or you
    will never understand God and the Bible. In my view, Andrew Wommack is the
    best teacher and he has free podcasts. Just google him. Joel Olsteen is a
    false prophet. He goes against so much of what Jesus taught. ?

  2. I’m a victim of student loan debt. Everyone was always telling me to stay
    in school and work hard, but working hard is stupid if it’s not toward the
    right goals. You can’t just go to college and blindly trust that everything
    will work out. Now I’m experimenting with different vocal training/singing
    techniques, have started a vocal coaching business, and make inventions on
    the side. Where most people would give up, I try about 200x more and keep
    going. Hoping preparation will meet opportunity sooner than later!?

  3. I haven’t watched the entire video yet. I don’t think it’s possible to
    watch an hour plus video that came out about 25 minutes ago haha.

    But Tai, you looked really burned out in this video man.. Are you ok? Or,
    did you just wake up prior to making the video haha??

  4. 1. Been a victim on fashion consumption financially
    2. Implementing to invest in things that will produce an asset for me in
    less than ten years.?

  5. Thank you Tai, I watch so many of your videos and I am learning so much and
    I am applying a lot of the tenets. I have been reading a book a week and
    even though I have been at this for about 5 month, I feel a profound change
    in my life and many others can attest to this. Best wishes! ?

  6. card
    2.when i want to buy something i look at it like a loan to my self. If it
    does not gives me back at least 4x then i don’t think i need it that much
    and probably that money can go for another purpose for me or to help
    someone else.?

  7. It’s ok reading books and having all these ideas floating around in your
    head… You still need to do the work… i.e Practical… I like this vid..

    I have been a victim on the house mortgage…it’s like noose
    I like the 10x thinking.?

  8. Highlight reel:
    “Before you occupy Wall Street, occupy your own brain.”
    “I like swimming in the pool.” “But the pool’s wet Tai. Did you know the
    pool is wet? Pools are wet! That’s why we call them pools. Wa-ter.”

    But seriously great video?

  9. The biggest area of my life is not being able to have a stable job and then
    turning into debt to pay for daily living and oh crap moments. I am
    beginning to educate myself by watching videos on topics like this. Then
    the action is continuing to be focused and do the best I can at my job and
    finding other sources of income such as promo gigs-the idea of becoming a
    lender is worth the old college try. Also going back to school (unsure of
    my passion but need to in order to continue to be well rounded and an
    opportunity for a better future. +Tai Lopez Could you do a fireside (or a
    book side chat) on processes on how to finding your purpose in career?
    There are a few people out there who just fall into things mechanically
    because it fills a need but does not make them whole. I did get a lot
    about of what you were saying about no matter what challenges you
    have-mental health issues to having no friends etc- Be Kevin Hart- You
    gonna learn today! Keep working at it- it gets better! Thanks for the
    chat! ?

  10. Tai,
    Thanks a ton for the great content as always! I’ve been purchasing some of
    your daily book deals and I noticed that I get some emails from a few of
    your employees. My question would be, as a mentor, what is the most
    important skill/trait you look for when accepting a new intern or someone
    you agree to mentor? This is my question because my biggest victimization
    is that, due to a dysfunctional upbringing, I have no in-person
    mentors…only books and youtubers like yourself, Jim Rohn, Owen Cook, and
    Elliott Hulse.
    - Patrick?

  11. Occupy Wall Street should be occupying Washington, DC. It’s the corruption
    of big government that helps the lobbyist and campaign donors. That’s
    what’s not fair. This is not the free markets fault. America has allowed
    the most economic mobility of any nation because of the free market. The
    Internet allows people to be free because politicians haven’t been able to
    control it yet. They are trying though….?

  12. I’m new to your channel but already a fan of your ideas.

    Without question I’ve had a problem living just beyond my means, which I’ve
    recently overcome to a large degree. However there is still an area where I
    feel victimized financially: child support. I love my daughter and I’ve
    paid support since the day I moved out which was two years before we
    divorced legally.I’ll always give her what she needs. But after five years
    I’m just now in a financial position to get back into a house and money is
    really tight. I want more time with my daughter and not paying child
    support (if I had joint custody) would mean I could have a larger and
    richer life with her. I don’t have many options (legal or otherwise) for
    changing this circumstance. And the more money I make the more I’d have to
    pay. It’s not a black and white problem but the more I do not only do I not
    get any closer to my goal of being closer to my daughter, my financial
    improvement is diminished.

    What I learned came from what you said about relationships being nuanced.
    It’s not all love or all hate (at least not if it’s healthy and enduring).
    I went through a bad breakup in the spring that left me completely ruined
    for dating or emotional attachment. I know that not all relationships are
    like this but I can see how I’ve been looping. I still don’t care about
    fixing that problem right now, but understanding the nature of it will be
    useful when I decide to make a change in that area of my life.?

  13. I’ve played the victim, up until now, in feeling like it’s too hard to go
    out and start a business, or like it’s okay if I’m a little slothful here
    and there.

    My biggest takeaway was that there would be a lot of value in being the
    lender to others. Learning negotiating, dealing with loss, not playing the
    loop, handling conflict, learning contracts, all that stuff.

    Bonus: My 2nd takeaway was realizing the value of learning all those
    financial skills.

    P.S. Tai, since being in your 67 step program I’ve found myself craving
    exercise and learning. I’ve craved learning before, so that’s not
    personally groundbreaking. It has been enhanced though, which is awesome.
    Especially in the area of reading books. The biggest breakthrough for me
    has been genuinely wanting to spend my time exercising my body. Love it.
    Keep the content coming, brother.?

  14. Hey Tai, I know you are not religious, but there is a book by pioneer
    sociologist Max Weber called The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of
    Capitalism that does a very interesting parallel between the main ideas in
    Protestantism (Weber also included quotes of beloved Benjamin Franklin) and
    how the mindset adopted by those religions matched what we now call the
    entrepreneurial way of life. Anyway, the book is pretty short and it
    doesn’t really have to be a religious conversation as much as one which
    concerns itself about what works and what doesn’t in a capitalist society.
    Looking forward to hearing commentary on that book someday.?

  15. I’ve never been in any debt. I never taken a loan in my entire life.

    The biggest thing I learned from this video is understanding why people
    always try to blame their financial problems. They’re putting themselves in
    this virtual no-way-out box.

    I will definitely try eavesdrop on some people blaming the government, I
    might even interfere, who knows? ?

  16. Thanks +Tai Lopez Started taking action right after watching this. Going
    to experiment with the mathematics?

  17. The biggest theory of my life I’ve been a victim to financially is that I
    should help anyone in need. Learned the world responds to seed, not need
    and I should follow the same principle. Only lend the things to the people
    that are in fertile soil, and the things that I can afford lose.
    This week I will attempt to give out 10% of my income to family and close
    friends in the form of thank you letters ?

  18. It’s funny; if you tell people Hitler and Stalin were men to be studied and
    admired you’d get a negative response almost certainly. Most people don’t
    see past the terrible atrocities they committed and can’t learn from them
    as I have. What I see in those men is resolve. That in itself is rare in
    this day and age and it is a breath of fresh air to me. Who now has the
    resolve to become a leader that starts a war that every country worth
    mentioning is dragged into? The point is resolve is resolve and these men
    were full of it. That’s what gave them the ability to take their ideas and
    execute on them like a true man, to do whatever it took to get to their
    goals. They were still monsters, but they were admirable monsters that we
    can learn from if we are humble enough.?

  19. Wow. One of your best videos yet, Tai…

    -“The borrower is the slave of the lender.”

    -Resignation is confirmed desperation.

    -“Everything moves to where it ages the most slowly.”

    -Don’t focus on every little flaw. Look at the principles someone used
    to achieve their goal and then use those principles for your goal!

    I’m going to start lending my money AND TIME to different people to see who
    pays me back equally/tenfold and who pays me back less or not at all!


  20. Tai. I love t listen to you. You have helped me improve my way of thinking
    in many areas. I only have one negative to give you; your videos are
    getting too long. I am a mother for a special need child and also work, so
    it is getting very difficult to keep up with your ideas for more than an
    hour. Can you consider making them as they used to be in 30 minutes?
    Thank you and greetings from Nicaragua. ?

  21. 9:39 “humans are the only animal that drink the milk of other humans.” The
    real argument says something like ‘humans are the only animal that drink
    milk after infancy’.

    With that said, another amazing video, ty tai.?

  22. Great video. Thanks for sharing Tai. I recently checked out the Jay-Z,
    Warren Buffet, Steve Forbes interview per your recommendation and found it
    very interesting. Hope you keep making regular videos.?

  23. Tai I started listening to you less than two weeks ago and I’ve already
    fell in love with your content!! Thank you SO much for all the information
    you provide! A lot of it is things I’ve never heard and I’ve been exploring
    self-development for almost four years! THANKS?

  24. Tai has given us more content but a bit less substance I feel to get us to
    join his other paid programs. Which is fair I guess. Just wanted more
    insight than become a lender. But keep up the good work tai. Big fan?

  25. This is immense value. But i know if i share this video to my facebook,
    hardly anyone would watch it. I hope they find their way here though, this
    is very informative. But in the most honest way possible. ?

  26. Major causes of depression can be linked in one way or another to either
    health and finances. Would you agree? What if I said I had the answer to
    both of these problems? You would be skeptical right? I was too, and that’s
    okay. However, as Dave Ramsey says to get out of debt you must #1-cut back
    on “stupid” spending. #2-Supplement your income and #3-Attack your debt
    with everything you’ve got! Health is very similar. The majority of people
    today have major nutritional gaps that result in side affects that cause
    depression. If you’re tired of it, like I was, there are three things you
    need to do #1-cut back on “stupid” eating (junk foods etc). #2-Supplement
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  27. Hi all, I would like to recommand a book that change my life “How to eat
    live and be happy by Paul Check”. its a must read.?

  28. 1. I don’t have much financial history as I’m only 18
    2. I loved the scarcity/abundance mindset. I’m going to keep this in mind
    everyday as I reinvent parts of my self and grow for my business: I am not
    someone who ever submits to the box. Fuck the box.?

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