How I Got Out Of Debt

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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px How I Got Out Of Debt

28 thoughts on “How I Got Out Of Debt

  1. Getting out of debt is hard. It is too easy to swing through the drive
    through and spend $10-15 on just one person everyday. I recently started
    making my own laundry detergent for example, I can make a lot for cheap and
    it goes a long way.?

  2. This “trick” also works on student loan. Your student loan is really a
    collection of smaller loans based off when you borrowed the money. Make
    sure that the extra payment is directed to the smallest loan amount (you
    have to tell the bank where to apply the surplus *every month* otherwise
    they spread it out over all loans). Once the smallest one is paid off the
    snowball starts to gain speed!!!?

  3. I can’t stand Dave Ramsey!

    His Debt snowball is a good way to get out of debt. Nothing but common

    Dave helps a lot of people by giving his books, free attendance in
    Financial Peace, seminars, etc.

    My problem with Dave Ramsey is his radio show.

    A lot of people call in for help; and he helps a lot of them. However when
    a caller gives information that is not compatible with Dave’s Fanatical
    Christian mindset; the person wanting help often gets a sermon instead if

    I have heard Dave Ramsey off and on for the past 18 years when he was on
    WTN in Nashville before syndication.

    I would like to remind Mr Ramsey of a quote by the young Carpenter that I
    will paraphrase. “if a beggar asked for bread would you give him a stone?”

    Mr. Ramsey is serving up quite a few stoned to beggars asking for bread.?

  4. The one aspect of money people don’t tend to really understand is the power
    of compounding interest.

    People just do not realize how much it works against them in debt and how
    much money they pay in interest over the long term. Similarly people do not
    understand how much that same compound interest helps you when you invest
    over the long term.

    I certainly did not “get it” and understand it until I was in my 40′s,
    which is too late to take best advantage of it. I had already wasted 20
    years I can now never catch up to where I could have been had I started
    saving and investing younger.

    There is an old saying I learned to live by, “Never pay interest on
    anything that doesn’t appreciate in value”. So I only go into debt for a
    house or land that will appreciate in value, and I minimize interest paid
    even on that.

    I drive a 19 year old SUV I bought new in 1996, my last ever new car, and
    haven’t made a car payment for about 15 years now. 11 acre homestead I
    bought in 2010 will be paid off in 2015 and I will have zero debt to anyone
    at that time.

    Having no debt is pretty great, it is worth sacrificing to get there and
    stay there. With zero debt you are not chained to work, chained to a job..
    If you lose your job you aren’t in a bind to make payments and lose
    everything if you can’t immediately find work, you are much more free to
    choose the job you want even if it pays less. It is amazing how much
    savings you can pile up when you have no debt payments and aren’t feeding
    the banks all your money in interest. And for retirement it seems insane to
    me to even consider retiring with debt.

    I think Dave Ramsey is great and does a great service for a lot of people.
    I don’t care if he mixes it with Christianity, as an atheist I just ignore
    that part of what he has to say.?

  5. My wife and I decided to follow the Dave Ramsey plan and it has been such a
    blessing to our family. I’ve been listening to his talk show for years and
    it’s so inspiring to hear all the success stories. Wranglerstar, your
    channel is awesome! Your videos are equally inspiring, thanks for posting

  6. I adopted the “buy used save the difference” attitude from the Duggars TLC
    show and it’s amazing how well it works, Your tips are KEY, I am going to
    order his book to remind myself of some more tips!?

  7. Thats awesome I figured this was what you guys did. My wife and I have
    done the same thing.

    We are debt free too other than mortgage oh our last CC payment is going
    in next week (I had a unexpected dentist visit that cost way to much and it
    was 0% interest for 12 months…paid it off in 8 months) ?

  8. Banks haven’t lent “money” since the early 1930s. All bank “loans” and
    foreclosures are frauds. Banks fund their so-called loans with book
    keeping entries alone, they create money from thin air like the Federal
    Reserve. Every cent that ever came from the Fed was defrauded from the
    American People. All banking in the “free” world is fraud, including the
    national debts. ?

  9. I have noticed that poor people will not tell you to invest your money in
    stocks and bonds..but, rich people will tell other rich people to buy
    stocks and bonds.
    My message is, our society has taught us to be unhappy and
    wanting/ other words, act like we are poor.

    Almost all of us didn’t have the money to buy a home..we had to get a loan.
    In many instances, being in debt or having a loan, on property, has allowed
    us to achieve better goals, in our lives.?

  10. im debt free also. Living frugal has been key for us. Not doing without but
    making do with what we have and being Happy. I am not where I want to be as
    far as being unplugged and harvesting my on electricity and water but we
    are on our way and saving for that next. Your family has been an
    inspiration to us.?

  11. I wonder how much money most people would save if they stopped going out
    for coffee every morning…it builds up after a while?

  12. We should all live frugally in the developed world. Just go down to your
    local dump/recycling centre and see what people throw away.?

  13. We love Dave Ramsey. Last year we got debt free using the envelope system.
    Not new, not Dave’s, been around for ages. All we can say is if you’re
    seious, it works. Disapline, perseverance and dedication is all it takes.
    We went to and on his radio show to declair our debt free scream. It was
    our “got our T-shirt” moment. You can watch it below. Anyway love you
    videos and have been looking for some land for the right price for a year
    now and just closed on it last week. We look forward to starting and
    creating our little homestead. God bless you!
    Debt free scream you tube video:
    Tim and Brenda’s debt free scream?

  14. Want to make $500 or more a week from the comfort of your home? Message me
    for more info! This company Motor Club of America offers many things.?

  15. That is the most ironically perfect tree in the background (just to the
    right of your head in viewers perspective) So awesome.?

  16. Debt is often a symptom of idolatry. We think that something will make us
    happy and secure, so we have to have it. We sacrifice our future to get
    that thing that we have been worshipping only to find it has not made us
    happy. We then move on to the next idol.

    There are exceptions. Business debt can be good as it represents increased
    production ability. A mortgage can be preferable to rent as long as you are
    sane about the house you can afford, and you are purchasing a home and not
    an edifice.

    I got out of debt when I recognized I was seeking security in material
    things rather than God. The only debt I have left is my mortgage payment
    which will be paid off seventeen years ahead of the standard 30 year
    mortgage. ?

  17. First saw this video about march of this year. My brother had bought Dave’s
    book and read it in about June. I got a copy and read it. So glad I did.?

  18. If anyone is looking for a solid budgeting tool that goes along with Dave’s
    principles check out (You Need a Budget).
    I’ve been using it for about a month now and really like it. ?

  19. The debt snowball has helped us so much that it’s changed out lives, so
    close to being debt free but need to red educate our focus again to be
    completely debt free. ?

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