Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed – Get Out Of Debt Free – John Witterick

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  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick
  • wp socializer sprite mask 32px Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed   Get Out Of Debt Free   John Witterick

38 thoughts on “Bank & Credit Card Debt is False Money Owed – Get Out Of Debt Free – John Witterick

  1. Unless the people acquire the knowledge AND act in unison, the system will
    exploit their ignorance and [justifiable] fear. We have seen the evictions
    taking place across the US and in countries like Spain. The game is rigged
    and continues viause of the normalcy bias [it can't happen here/to me,
    etc] and ‘divide & rule’.?

  2. Money is an acknowledgement or record of entitlement one receives in return
    for giving up one’s own labour/production or property. Money comes into
    existence as a further representation of our promissory obligations that we
    have to each other. It is created out of our labour, production, goods and
    services. No new money is ever issued by a bank without one of us first
    signing a promissory note, or as banks like to (falsely) call it “a lone
    agreement”. The promissory note is backed up with our ability to earn and
    retire the money from existence with our very own labour and production.
    This is where the whole fraud of banking comes into play. When a bank
    issues OUR money it is in fact NOT a debt to the bank because the bank
    gives up no value of its own and therefore risks nothing which nullifies
    any legitimate claim the bank has to both the principle sum issued and
    interest. However, there is still a debt. The debt is the sum of principle
    that needs to be retired from existence by the person who created the money
    in advance of earning it. But it is NOT the property of the bank, it is the
    property of no one. The bank (falsely) claims that it loaned money to a
    borrower and then (falsely) claims its taking a risk and so ads
    (unwarranted) interest. There is a common misconception that money is
    created by banks out of thin air. Anyone who says such a thing does not
    fully grasp what money actually is. To say “money is created out of thin
    air” is to first deny your very own victimhood, and then to ignore the
    crime of theft the bank commits against all of us. I think the notion that
    money is created out of thin air comes from the acknowledgment that banks
    give up nothing of value when money is created and issued to us, but that
    is not to say that we likewise give up nothing of value. We do give up
    value; we give up our blood, sweat and tears. Banks do not create money at
    all, let alone create it out of thin air. WE are the true creators of money
    and we create it out of our labour and production. Banks merely publishes
    OUR money. ALL DEBT TO A BANK IS A FICTION. If people only understood the
    monumental crimes and fraud banking commits against us every day, and the
    effects those crimes have on us and society, there would be no such thing
    as banks and every banker alive today would be in hiding for fear of being
    lynched by the people. Banks dispossess us of all our wealth because they
    launder our wealth into their possession via a falsified debt to
    themselves. When a bank makes a family homeless and takes their home they
    actually get a house for absolutely 100% free. In other words, the bank
    just stole the house. It’s also worth noting that at any given time due to
    unwarranted interest by the bank the money supply in circulation is always
    short of its represented property there by resulting in inevitable
    foreclosures, bankruptcies, depressions, repossessions, unemployment,
    poverty, homelessness, suicides, wars, starvation, and a whole host of
    other human misery. There is nothing more intrinsically evil than banking.
    There is nothing that even comes close to causing such great human
    suffering on such a massive scale for such a long period of time as
    banking. Banks were a creation of Satan. Our struggle should not be about
    debt forgiveness or debt write-down’s from the bank, our struggle should be
    about the abolition of the banking system itself. It’s estimated the world
    is over $100 trillion in debt. Who in hell did the world supposedly borrow
    all this from? Answer, nobody, it’s all FAKE debt to the banking system.
    Why? Because the actual REAL debt has already been paid off, in multiples.
    It’s the unwarranted interest that keeps the FAKE debt alive and keeps us
    all enslaved to banks. If banking was abolished tomorrow around 96% of all
    the worlds debt would be wiped out. Poverty would end overnight. As long as
    we have banks intruding on our trade and commerce with each other the
    economy will be never be anything more than just a lie.
    For anyone who is truly seeking a new monetary justice as opposed to the
    corrupt fraudulent system we have the misfortune to live with today then I
    strongly recommend you study Mathematically Perfected Economy™. It is the
    ONLY alternative because it identifies the problem correctly and addresses
    those problems correctly. Below is a link to get you started if interested.

  3. Adam Smith was sent to college at the age of thirteen by his widowed mother
    who worked for French Nobility. By nineteen he then tutored French Royalty
    as an expert in Theology, History, Juris Prudence, and lastly an Economist.
    His Classical Economic Theory scientifically proved the existence of the
    Principle of Self Interest, Laws of Supply & Demand and his deliberate
    metaphor to be synonymous with God/the Invisible Hand. We were all born
    Capitalists proven by the fact based on Self Interest we take our first
    breath. Self Interest is the engine of life for all living things. Adam
    Smith’s Classical Ecn Theory is in perfect harmony with God’s answer to the
    first question posed in Genesis, “Lord, am I my brother’s keeper”? God’s
    answer was effectively the remainder of the Holy Bible, which repeatedly
    teaches do the “right thing/Thy Will” which can be dependent upon
    circumstances and as difficult to determine as the last bite that satisfies
    our hunger before the one that constitutes gluttony.
    Competitors/Capitalists in Free markets choosing to do the “right thing”
    in/directly benefit everyone in the market/thy neighbor. Classical Economic
    Theory scientifically proved the same self interest responsible for
    generating abundance in free market economies, guarantees scarcity,
    shortages and failure in controlled market economies (Socialism/Communism).
    <—Not opinion, scientifically proven fact. Economics is a Social Science in the same College of Liberal Arts as the Physical Sciences, which have promoted an Evil Illusion for 100+ years based upon the original Piltdown man Hoax (1913-53) and a steady series of diabolical frauds presented as the missing link. Historically, money has taken many forms as a convenient means of economic exchange including feathers,beads, trinkets, precious metals, paper and even digital ethereal currency. The Principle of Self Interest determined/created the Laws of Supply & Demand, guided by the owner of the Invisible Hand. Science proved the existence of God over 250+ years ago, when Adam Smith published Theory of Moral Sentiments and Classical Economic Theory. ?

  4. The only way to fix this mess up and stop the looting of world economies
    is the reintroduction of Glass -Steagall bank separation that will place
    the Bankrupt Banks of Wall street & City of London into Bankruptcy and
    liquidation wiping out all the phony debit .Then the Hamilton banks of
    public credit must be reintroduced as the hub of the financial system .The
    Oligarchs behind our present financial have been guarding it like their
    forefathers .and to stop the Genius of Alexander Hamilton being
    reintroduced they have killed presidents (Kennedy was going to
    reintroduce it ) and they have started wars to stop it. If we introduce
    these measures it will kill the British Empire off for good as it has
    remained as a financial empire but as it rises as world ruling empire
    again it is causing a lot of trouble around the world as it puts an end to
    Free nation states. It has many world leaders as its agents and stooges
    such as Obama & the Bushes ,heads of Government in countries Such as
    Australia ,& Canada who bow to the corrupt British Throne. ?

  5. What about hard labour? The real reason money has value at all! They (the
    banks) punch numbers on a computer and create their money with no value
    whatsoever, while you have to labour all week, years, your life long labour
    to get yours? Figure that out, and realize that we are but slaves to money
    and society (governments, so-called queen, Zionist, all in general
    enslaving us all, you, me, and the children of the past and future as well!
    Buy a house, and be enslaved for the rest of your life, and in most cases
    passing it on to the children??


  7. Is this one of the main reasons that no youngster that I know of have never
    been taught anything regarding banking or credit cards, yet this is a big
    part of our lives ?

  8. Absolutely correct, Fraction reserve system is the reason why there’s so
    much of inequality and nonsense. Read this awesome article

  9. I agree with a lot of the comments below, I personally believe they should
    teach debt control or money management in schools. I was inspired to write
    a book in regards to debt. ?

  10. In “How to balance inequality” on Youtube, A few calls to a friend in the
    White House about an inheritance cap to let people redistribute their
    wealth fairly, realigns man’s mission here with his natural, higher purpose.
    How to balance inequality?

  11. NOPE. 97% of ‘our’ – ‘money’ IS CREATED by the STREET CORNER bank (not
    BoE/Fed etc) Martin Wolf of THE Financial Times said – “The essence of the
    contemporary monetary SYSTEM is the creation of money out of Nothing by
    Private Banks often foolish lending.” Physical paper+coin makes up only
    3ish % of today’s “money.”. PEACE

  12. if you give in to anger expecially in the court room they can classify you
    as being mentally unstable giving them the right to lock you in an insane
    asylum and take your kids away. be respectful be honorable be smart be
    understanding be love

  13. thanks for this upload… i read her book too .. i am waiting for them to
    start giving the youth this book in schools .. haha… underground
    information sharing .. light the fire .. share the truths.. tell your
    friends .. love the awakening xx

  14. Check out Modern Money Theory(MMT). It will set you straight. It is even
    more bizarre then you thought, but also simpler to fix. Just remember,
    governments are issuers of currency/money(except European countries, they
    gave that power away, thus the problems that they have) not users of
    currency like all of us. Also the FED is a government institution, if you
    have evidence of it being private, pls share it.

  15. zero’s and ones.–the world of finance. . work and product.–the world in
    which we live. . Yet we are the ones living in a fictitious world. We work
    construction, food service, or assembly; professions in which the lowest
    wages are given, and the least value placed. We are thru the looking glass
    Alice. If we are Warren Buffet making millions off of the manipulation of 1
    and 0′s, we are eminently respected. What we have is a crisis of misplaced
    valuation & we are complicit in it’s creation.

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