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Debt counselling is a recent service that has been made available in South Africa. It not only helps you manage your debt, but also helps you plan financially and use your income wisely to repay the money that you owe. Through the assistance of professional consults, you will be able to take control of your debt, be protected legally from action by creditors and clear your name.

Increased financial strain

As living cost continue to increase and income value decreases, the financial strain caused by living cost rises. Many people find that they cannot cope and take out loans or barrow money in order to pay their accounts. If this money cannot be repaid, they fall into debt. This often occurs when the repayment rate and interest is too great to be able to pay back the money owed with your current salary, and still have enough left over to cope with everyday living costs. If you are unable to repay creditors, they will take legal action against you. It is important to take action immediately if you fall into debt, before creditors issue you with a summons and start tor reposes your property.

What is it?

Once you have fallen into debt, creditors will no longer listen to you and you will be unable to negotiate with them. In order to be able to find an appropriate way to pay them back before legal action is taken, you need to apply for debt counselling. This service will help you to formulate a budget plan to asses your finances and to determine what amount of money you can set aside each month for the payments of your debts. This process is easy to apply for and is fairly straight forward. The goal of a consultant will be to help you repay all the money you owe as soon as possible and within your financial means. A professional advisor will assist you with your finances and debt, as well as help you clear you name and bring you back into positive financial accreditation. The counselling will be able assist you take control of your financial planning and help you manage your monthly payment options. They will also protect you legally and negotiate on your behalf with the creditors.

Why you need it

Being over-indebted is a serious problem that needs to be resolved as soon as possible, and can cause harm to your finances. It will also result in you being blacklisted, as well as affected your life negatively through further financial strain and stress. By using a debt counselling service that is handled under the National Credit Act, your debt will be processed responsibly and professionally while protecting your legal rights and not allowing the creditors to take legal action against you while you are being assessed. The consults will help you repay your debt in manageable way. This is done through helping to extend payment deadlines and renegotiate the rates and interests of the money you owe on your behalf with creditors.

Through the debt counselling process, you will be assisted every step of the way to resolving your debt. Consultants will evaluate your income, and your financial obligations together with the money that you owe. They will also contact the creditors in order to negotiate a better repayment plan and make sure that no legal action is taken against you and prevent you being handed with a summons. This will help you to feel more at easy while your debt is being assessed and keep you assets safe during the whole process.  You need this professional service for legal protection and as a resolution to your current financial repayment problems. The consultants aim is to resolve you current debt as quickly as possible, by devising payment plan. This will allow you to still afford everyday living costs, while being able to pay back the money you owe to creditors.

Who benefits

You will always remain the most important aspect in the process of debt consulting. The consultant will always keep your best interests in mind. They will make sure that any action or negotiation taken between you, as he debtor, and the creditors will assist you in repaying your debts and keep you safe from any further financial strain. The use of a debt consult protects you legally under the National Credit Act and makes sure that you debt is handled responsible to help clear you name and keep your assets safe. Both debtors and creditors benefit from the use counselling consultants. It will help the process of repayments by negotiating a possible means for you to be able to pay back the money you owe, while at the same time avoiding any unnecessary legal actions and additional fee for both parties involved. The process both protects the rights and assets of the debtor, as well as at the same time helping the repayment process and the creditors receive the money they are owed.

Easy and straight forward

The process of apply for debt counselling is easy and straight forward. The professional consultants will help you relieve the economic strain caused by debt, while legally protecting your rights and assets. They help you to devise a payment plan and they negotiate with creditors on your behalf. This allows you to pay back the money you owe and clear your name, as well as manage your future debt responsibly.

If you are in need of a positive solution to your current debt problems and wish to handle you future debt responsibly; act now and contact us today.

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 Debt Counselling Randburg & Surrounding Area

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